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Courthouse security staying one step ahead

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - Staying one step ahead. Courthouse security workers said it can sometimes be a tough job with new weapons surfacing every day.  It is not unusual for hundreds of people to pass through our local courthouses everyday, whether they face criminal charges or just need to renew their car tags.

McCracken County Courthouse security said on some days they see as many as a thousand people walk through the doors.  Sometimes they find new weapons that are disguised as something else.  For example, tasers that are disguised as cell phones and credit cards that are look like knives.

Security workers say that is why it is important for them stay on top of new emerging weapon trends and monitor all the time.  

McCracken County Sheriff's Deputy Elaine Bartlett said at times her job can be challenging.

"We have been doing extra security the last week in a half locating credit card knifes. This is the second one we have had in the last two days," said Bartlett.

Chief Bailiff Doug Abernathy said safety is the first priority.

"You're dealing with a lot of people you have to realize that our responsibilities are the security of the judges, their personnel, the officials involved in the courtroom,"said Abernathy.

Ron Rayburn understands the security, but says at times it is overboard.

"It's probably not a good idea for everyone to have knives and machetes and a gun, but something under four inches I don't see is a problem," said Rayburn.

Taking small steps to make sure everyone stays safe.  If you bring a weapon to the courthouse, you will be given a warming if there is no criminal intent.  However, if there is criminal intent, you could be charged for concealing a deadly

If you are caught, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and your punishment will be up to the judge to decide.  Abernathy said the McCracken County Courthouse is working on upgrading security cameras for extra enforcement.
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