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Damage from winter storms lingering for marinas

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY - Families are just now consistently able to get outside and enjoy this warmer weather. For many, that means throwing the covers off the boats and heading to the lake.

However, you might remember that several marinas in the Local 6 area were damaged over the winter. "Town and Country Marina" in Marshall County, "The Docks at Western Shores" in Calloway County, and "Lakeview Cottage and Marina", also in Calloway County, are all in the process of getting things back to normal after some or all of their roofs collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and ice.

David Lively was certainly counting down the days until Spring, but then a winter storm in March brought down three of his roof docks. He and his wife had plans to replace them someday, but now have to figure out how to do it quickly.

"What we thought was going to be an eight year marina improvement plan turned out to be a one year improvement plan," Lively said.

Fisherman like Glen Hunter were already planning to come down and showed up a few weeks later.

"Moved a few people around, but everything has been the same," Hunter said.

Lively said it's a balancing act, keeping boaters happy and the construction on track. However, people like Glen Hunter are already happy with the new roof, which is good because it's the model for the remaining docks.

"Oh, this other section after this, it's going to be awesome," Hunter said.

David Lively says that's the local: to create a beautiful dock and marina, and it's up to him to get it finished by the time Summer unofficially starts. Lively says insurance is helping him cover the cost of repairs.
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