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Report says Kentucky not a bike friendly state

Do you consider your state "bike friendly"? The results of this year's "League of American Bicyclists" report card might surprise you. 

Illinois ranked the highest of our four states, in the 11th spot. Tennessee the next of our state at 22nd most bike-friendly, Missouri even farther down the list at 34th. And Kentucky coming in just two from the bottom as the 48th most bicycle-friendly state.  

Tanner Green and his buddy Blake ride in all kinds of weather. Utilizing the Greeway trail and side streets, they say Paducah is a bike-friendly place. 

"I think the Greeway Trail and the Nature Trail are great places to bike," says Tanner Green. "I'm fine with what we have."

But according to the League of American Bicyclists, Kentucky doesn't make the grade when it comes to a friendly atmosphere for cyclists. It says the state is lacking in complete streets, the numbers of people who commute on a bike, and safe passing and road usage laws.

"I think the report card in general is harder for rural areas to met a lot of the bench marks that they set up," says Bicyclist, Martha Emmons. 

Martha also owns the bike shop, Bike World and she says she wasn't surprised by the ranking.They see hundreds of cyclists a year come in and out of this shop and while they've seen an increase of cyclists throughout the years she says it's not enough. 

"In terms of people riding there bike for transportation and all of there means of making a trip we're really lacking there and that's where we really have a need," says Emmons."

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