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Some legislators are pushing for school budget equity in Illinois

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WEST FRANKFORT, IL - If your child goes to school in West Frankfort, Illinois then you know the budget cuts have been significant, but things could be looking up.

Some lawmakers say the difference in budgets between Southern Illinois and Northern Illinois is unfair to the students.  

West Frankfort superintendent Greg Go ins says students have lost a lot.

"Art, music, larger class sizes," said Go ins.

Go ins says our students get the short end of the stick.

"There is a large disparity between the amount of money that's generated in the northern part of the state and the southern part of the state," said Go ins.

Susan Hood says teachers feel the pressure to do more with way less.

"We were scrambling trying to come up with ways, for a while, to teach the kids without paper," said Hood.

Some legislators are pulling for these students, often times lower income students, to get as much as those kids in affluent Chicago suburbs.

If the proposal goes through, that is more than $500.00 a head and could mean laid-off teachers get their jobs back.

Hood says budget equity is only fair.

'One student is not different than another student," said Hood.

Local 6 reached out to the Skokie school district in the Chicago area but we were unable to get ahold of them.

They could potentially see 85% of their budget cut.

This piece of legislation has a long way to go.

It must first be approved in the Senate before it can move on.

Go ins is concerned the session will end before this proposal is voted on in both the Senate and the House. 
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