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Local water treatment plant may shut down

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Ballard County, Ky -
The owner of the Lovelaceville Water System in Ballard County, Kentucky says it's getting old and he doesn't have the money to maintain it any longer. So he contacted the Kentucky Public Service Commission for help.

Eric young took ownership of this facility 4 years ago fully aware of the aging structure. The main problems are old water lines, pumps constantly need repairs and the electrical system needs updating. He had plans to fix up the facility but he says the money isn't there because it's privately owned, so he doesn't qualify for grants. 
"I don't want to shut down, I want to come up with a viable solution for everyone, I just can't do it on my own anymore," says Young. 

There are 50 accounts linked to this system and with a base rate of $22.00 for 3,500 gallons. It should be bringing in at least $1,375.00, but not everyone pays their bills so Young says he gets about $800 a month to run this place. 

"It's difficult to pay for everything when everybody pays so if everyone doesn't pay it makes it really hard," says Young. "By the time pay the electric bill and the chemical bill and lab bill and pay for repairs there's just nothing left with such a small customer base."

OJ Marsh has received his water from Lovelaceville Water for decades and hasn't had any problem until this week when he heard he may have to get it water from somewhere else. 
"Bottom line is I ain't got money to build my own well," says Marsh.  

The Kentucky Public Service Commission will hold an informational meeting on Monday, May 12th at 6:00 pm at the Lovelaceville United Methodist Church fellowship hall at 143 North Broadway.
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