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Donating the gift of sight

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MURRAY, Ky - If you happen to be Spring cleaning, check your drawers for old pairs of glasses. The Murray Lion's club has found a way to reuse them. Lion's Clubs around the world collect the glasses, send them out to be cleaned, graded and measured, then ship them to developing countries.

Doctors volunteer to go on the trips to measure prescriptions and fit the glasses to those in need of them. In the past 10 years, the city of Murray has donated over 27,000 pairs of glasses. Nationally, the Lion's Club collects anywhere from 800,000 to 1,500,000 a year.

Optometrist Dr. David Jaco has been on one of these trips to Trinidad. He says for many of these adults and kids in third world countries, this is the first time they are seeing clearly. Dr. Jaco says, "90% of the blindness and visual impairment are in these developing countries, so these glasses make a big difference for folks."
Dr. Jaco says 80% of learning is visual. So many young kids in developing countries will develop learning disabilities because of their visual impairment. For adults, lack of sight can affect work, causing them to miss out on financial opportunities to support their families. For seniors, they lose their independence and are more at risk for falls, injuries and a sedentary lifestyle.

You can find Lion's Club boxes in 15 different locations around Murray, Kentucky.
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