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Renovations nearing completion at a local university

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MURRAY, KY - A housing facility at a local university is getting a makeover.  Murray State University started renovating Hester Hall back in May of 2013.  Today, they are putting the final touches on the building.

The 75 thousand square foot building closed its doors to students for the 2013, 2014 academic year.  During that time, students were housed in Old Richmond Hall.  The nearly 10 million dollar project is expected to be completed by July.

The work at Hester Hall is about 80 percent complete. Construction started at the top of the building and moved downward. The project is moving right along schedule and campus leaders say they are looking forward to the fall semester.

Chief Facilities Officer Kim Oatman said renovating the building was cost effective.

"They are really going to like it and it fits right in with our overall plan to upgrade all the housing stock here at Murray State," said Oatman.

The building is now environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

"When a student leaves, after a certain time the lights will go out," said Oatman.

Sophomore John Morris lived in Old Hester.  He said it will be a bittersweet moment for him and his suite mates when they move into the New Hester.

"We've seen it at it's worst and what's done so far and they say it's going to be like Elizabeth. I've been there a couple times, I expect it to look pretty good. I'm going to miss the certain aspects they changed in the building but it's going to look good," said Morris.

Preserving part of the university's past and looking to the future for improvements.

Murray State University recently received authorization to issue bonds for construction for a new dormitory called Franklin.  They plan to start the design this summer and have the building finished by fall of 2016.
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