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Bus crash sends 7 elementary school kids to the hospital

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - This morning's rain caused slick road conditions, which caused the the driver of a Mustang to lose control.  McCracken County Sgt. Jared Rivera says the Mustang and bus were heading in opposite directions on US 62 when standing water caused the Mustang's driver to hydroplane and hit the bus.

"Both speeds were relatively low which I think saved us from everyone involved in getting major injuries," said Sgt. Rivera.

Rivera said how the bus and Mustang collided helped prevent more injuries.  The vehicles side swiped each other.  He said a head-on collision could have been worse, possibly causing the bus to flip.

"It did save the bus quite a but by going in the ditch and not it being head on," Rivera told Local 6.

Heath Elementary's principal called the parents.  Some were able to pick up their kids on scene.  The others were taken to Baptist Health and Lourdes.  School district spokesperson Jayme Jones said the district and the hospitals handled the situation according to plan.

"When families came in, we were able to quickly assist them and making sure their child was there and get to them back to see their child as soon as possible," Jones said.

No criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the Mustang or the bus.
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