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Paducah Kindness Council moves forward with plans

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PADUCAH - It’s easier to promote kindness than it is anti-bullying, which is why the Paducah Kindness Council is working to find ways for the people in Paducah to spread kindness.

For the third time the group, which is open to the public, met to talk about the three areas they want to focus on: community, schools, and social media.

Each group of people have come up with two future projects they’ll plan to spread kindness in Paducah.

The community group is planning a Kindness Day. The schools group would like to see every school have their own kindness council made up of students. St. Mary’s fourth grader Trinity Higgins says it works.

“We picked people to be on our kindness council and we have about like 15 or 20 people and we come up with ideas for our school,” she said.

The social media group might have the toughest job since the internet is a place many bullies reign because they can while being anonymous. Taylor Blessest said she personally sees it all the time.

 “They post some bad pictures,” she said. “They say some rude stuff to people that have caused a lot of bad things like suicide and more bullying and stuff.”

To combat it she’s working on the Kindness Council to have positive pages and create a hashtag people can use to show off their acts of kindness in the community.

The members know they have a lot of work to do, but believe the more people who get involved the stronger they will become.

The Paducah Kindness Council was formed by mother-daughter team Susan and Morgan Guess.

If you’d like to get involved in the kindness council, you can email Susan at

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