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Behind the scenes: The Hickory Woods Calendar

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An annual tradition many people look forward to is getting started. The Hickory Woods Senior Living Center is working on its next calendar. The calendar stars its very own residents, and this is the biggest production they've ever done.

This is the 8th calendar under production. Each year the calendars get more elaborate, more fun, and as always are filled with priceless memories.

"It just really makes them feel good," said Annita Peeler, Executive Director of The Hickory Woods Senior Living Center. 

Max's Brick Oven in downtown Paducah is serving as the backdrop for this year's calendar. This is the group's first time shooting it scenes in Paducah.

"We wanted to try something new. Paducah is a beautiful downtown," said Annita. "They're having so much fun and they get to dress up in something they would have never dreamed of dressing up in."

The models were outfitted by Paducah costume designers and the owners of the Creature of Habit. The group is a unique clientele for the shop.

"Yes they are and that's what we appreciate about them because they have such an excitement for their project each year," said shop Owner Natalya Cody.
The calendar comes out the weekend before Thanksgiving, and are $5 a piece. Proceeds go towards various things for the residents at the senior living center.
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