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Crossfit moms knock out stress

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PADUCAH, Ky - Walk through the doors of Crossfit Dig Deep and you'll find more than just a group of people working out. You'll find a community of moms who support each other and help one another deal with the stresses of their everyday lives. 

Like most moms they face the struggle of balancing work and family on a daily basis. When there is no outlet for dealing with the stress in their lives, that not only affects their health, but the well being of their families as well. 

This latest workout craze is helping them workout some of their frustrations and leaves them feeling confident about themselves. 

Crossfit Coach, Dennis McClain, says there is no amount of stress that a good workout can't fix. "A lot of times they come in here venting about their day and they leave here in a totally different frame of mind." 

There is even room for the kids at the gym. The moms take turns watching each others children so that every mom has a chance to get her workout in. 

Crossfit Mom, Brandi Key, says by being able to bring their kids with them, every mom has an opportunity to leave her worries least for a little while.
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