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Roofers are busy patching things up after the harsh winter

WEST CITY, IL - The heavy ice weighing on our homes for weeks and even months at a time now has roofing companies really backed up.

Roofers say some of the problems they are seeing are pretty serious, broken shingles and bad leaks to name a few.  

Back to Normal Construction is nailing down shingles, and appointments.

"We've got six or seven roofs lined up back to back," said owner Steve Essary.  
Essary says his crew is busy fixing what Old Man Winter broke.

There is a laundry list of common roof ailments after a winter like the one we had, and sometimes, really serious problems go unnoticed until a roofer gets up here and sees it himself.

"This homeowner called because they had a leak and when I got here I discovered that some of the shingles had blown," said Essary.  
Essary says problems at the house he is working on now were caught just in time.

"The installation is getting wet, the dry wall is getting wet," said Essary.  
That can be a recipe for a dangerous mold problem, so he suggests a roof inspection to hammer out any issues before it is too late.

Essary says it is better to call and get your name in the books sooner than later because most roofers are working from a waiting list at this point in the season. 
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