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What The Tech: LinkedIn

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Every year, thousands of college students in our area graduate with no job prospects. They mail out resumes, but many get little to no response. But now the internet is making things easier for graduates looking for work. That includes sites like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network that specializes in business relationships. Popular with executives looking to network or move up in their career, LinkedIn is a great tool for students.

Introducing LinkedIn University, or LinkedIn for education. It's designed to help high school students decide on where they want to attend college, and help recent college grads.

Most universities now have a LinkedIn page. Each page explores the careers of people who've graduated from the school, where they work, and what they do.

That helps high school graduates narrow down the schools they want to consider. It also helps college grads find contacts and job openings. By clicking on a company, you can see what graduates work there, what they do, and where they live. New graduates can also reach out to them by requesting a connection.

LinkedIn users don't have to do anything to be included, the site automatically adds alums based on their profiles.

For students trying to decide on a college, LinkedIn University may save you a trip to a school that doesn't have your interest. For students leaving college, it could help find your first job. For alums, you can mentor students who hope to follow your career path.

LinkedIn is free for a basic account. You can get to the site by clicking here. LinkedIn University can be found here.

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