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Two men arrested for robbery, threat to kill

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GRAVES Co, Ky - Two were arrested yesterday after they robbed and threatened to kill a man who stopped to give them a ride.

The Graves Sheriff Department took a complaint from Micah Keeling, 39 who stopped at 6th and College in Mayfield to give Edward Watson, 33 and Tevin Taylor, 22 both of Mayfield a ride.

Watson sat on the front passenger side, and Taylor sat on the rear passenger side.

Taylor then slid behind Keeling, putting him in a choke hole, pinning him to the seat while Watson hit him in the face several times with a plastic ash tray.

Watson and Taylor stole the $20 that Keeling had between his legs, then threatened to kill him.

Watson and Taylor then left the car, fleeing to a room at the Budget Inn where they told someone they were going to kill Keeling.

The Graves Sheriff's Department received a tip that the two were at 111 Sunset Drive in Mayfield.

Deputies and Officers from the Mayfield Police Department then went to the location and arrested both Watson and Taylor.

Watson is charged with Robbery 2nd, Terroristic Threatening 3rd, Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, 1st Degree, and failure to notify address change to the department of transportation.

Taylor is charged with Robbery 2nd and Terroristic Threatening 3rd.
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