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'Freedom to Fish' bill awaits president's signature

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LYON Co, KY - The waters on the Cumberland River at Barkley Dam draw in dozens of boaters every day.  Rick Boze is one of them.

"They allow you 15 and that's pretty much the limit there," Boze said.

Friday morning, he caught 15 striped white bass at Barkley Dam - a portion of the same waters the Army Corps of Engineers wanted to barricade for safety reasons.

"If you restrict them from coming to the dam, that's where the fish are, I mean you aren't going to catch fish back here," Boze said of the proposed restricted area.

"We are not going to allow this to go away.  It means too much to too many people," said Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White.

He was one of many who fought the Army Corps. "Our governor got involved, our senators, our congressman and we were all were able to push back this government overreach."

Under the 'Freedom to Fish' bill, the state would now have the ability to regulate public access.  Previously it was the Corps' responsibility.

"When we go fishing, we don't want the government following us there and this was just a point to where we said you know what this is our freedom to fish here," White said.
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