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Community members workout for warriors to kick off Memorial Day

MARION, IL - A veteran's support organization called Team Red White and Blue hosted a community workout to highlight the real reason for Memorial Day and bring the emphasis back to those who serve our country.  

A community of warriors, some veterans and some not, joined together for an intense workout that was symbolically titled the 21 Gun Salute.
"We're doing 21 reps, and five different exercises, one for each branch of the military," said Team Red White and Blue chapter leader Ryan McKennedy.

McKennedy is a veteran himself and now his year-round mission is to help veterans reintegrate into society by physical activity.  
"There really is a mind body connection when it comes to working," said one veteran who joined in the workout.

Trainer Nathan Simpkins said he is honored to be able to reach out to the heroes in his community in a unique and intense way, especially on a day that kicks off one of the most celebrated weekends in America.
"It's a holiday that tends to get overlooked for the real reason of the holiday," said Simpkins.

To McKennedy, this workout is a time to reflect.  
"It's a day to remember all those people who can't be here, working out with us today," said McKennedy.  
He said those who went before him are his strongest motivation.

Donations were taken at the Warrior Workout.

All proceeds go straight back to Team Red White and Blue so they can continue in their efforts to help veterans.
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