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Millions hit the road for Memorial Day

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MARION, IL - AAA estimates more than 36,000,000 people are using the long weekend to get away.

In advance of Memorial Day weekend construction projects are on hold, but state troopers are coming out in full force.

Whether headed off for a vacation, a stay-cation, or just a long weekend at home millions are expected to hit the road for the holiday, but to this point traffic has been steady in southern Illinois.

"I don't know how the afternoon will be but the morning has been really nice," said one driver.  "The roads have been good and the weather is great."

Drivers are also going to have to share the road.  Memorial Day is the unofficial start of motorcycle season and lifelong rider Shad Zimbro says everyone needs to back off the throttle and remember that safety is a two-way street.

"There are more motorcycles in southern Illinois than there have ever been so everybody needs to look twice is what you always need to do," said Shad Zimbro, owner of Black Diamond Harley-Davidson.  "If you're pulling out of an intersection whenever you're getting ready to pass a car or going down the high way check your blind spots.  You always need to look twice just to make sure a motorcycle's not coming."

To ensure everyone makes it from A to B, many of you may see a state trooper.

After 45 deadly crashes in Illinois this year alone Trooper Joey Watson says that the Illinois State Police are trying to keep that number from rising.

"We have several hire back details," said Trooper Joey Watson.  "We have several patrol details through our regular patrol assignments and the lower we can get that number the better off we are.  It's not just a checkbox that is someone to somebody."

Trooper Watson said there would be several road blocks all throughout southern Illinois so if you booze it, you're going to lose it.

Police will be looking for the fatal four signs on the road: speeding, drinking and driving, people on their phones, and of course seat belts.
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