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Burke: Chicago needs ban on 'up the skirt' photos

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CHICAGO (AP) - A Chicago alderman says it's necessary to crack down on so-called "up the skirt" photos because - in his words - "there are a lot of weirdos roaming around."
Edward Burke made that remark Friday as the City Council's Finance Committee approved the measure.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times, another alderman says the $500 fine isn't enough to deter offenders.
Bob Fioretti says that's because people can sell the photos online for much more money.
The measure would ban recording or taking pictures under or through a person's clothing without consent.
It follows confusion over "Peeping Tom" laws in Massachusetts, where the state Supreme Court ruled a man who took pictures up women's skirts didn't violate the law.
Burke says "you can bet your boots it's happening in Chicago."

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