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Help bring Corey Gentry home

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MAYFIELD, Ky - A phone call no one wants to receive, that their child has been in an accident.  Investigators arrested 33-year-old Tabitha Wheeler on several charges including driving under the influence after she crashed the vehicle with four passengers inside back in January.
Fifteen year old Corey Gentry of Mayfield, Kentucky and three other passengers were all transferred to Vanderbilt Hospital in critical condition.

His older sister, Brooklynn Gentry, said even though time has passed, it has not brought her brother home yet.

"I know that he will never be the same, but my hope for him is that he will always be okay and that even with all of this we won't take a step back. We are going to keep moving forward and be able to bring him home," said Gentry.

As much as they want to bring Corey home, it is not going to be that easy. The Gentry's front porch is not wheelchair accessible yet. Building a ramp is one of their first priorities to bring Corey home.

"The house is going to have to have a lot of work done to it, the door frames we're not sure if he can fit through them. The bathroom has to completely redone," said Gentry.

Gentry said she has faith her brother and her family can overcome this setback together.

"He's already made a tremendous amount of improvement. He laughs with sound. He can say mom and dad.  It's just like a newborn. He's having to relearn everything as he goes," said Gentry.

One step and one penny at a time.

"The smallest amount of money goes a long way. Every little thing helps. Even a quarter helps," said Gentry.

Bell City Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Graves County have both agreed to help build ramps for Corey.

Brooklynn Gentry said she hopes her brother can come home as soon as possible, but believes it will still be a few months before it happens.

To learn more about Corey's fundraiser, visit his facebook page here.  If you would like to donate to Corey's fundraiser, click here.
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