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Old Building to house new business

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PADUCAH, Ky - Todd Blume has been looking for the perfect building to put his new business in Paducah. It took more than a year, but he found it and it's one that most people recognize.

301 N.4th street used to be the Greyhound Bus Station. It closed in 2010 and changed locations. It's set empty ever since, until Blume came and saw the potential.

"I see a bar area," he said as he looked around the empty station. "You've got beautiful terrazzo floors. You've got pretty much everything you need for a brewery."

Blume said the craft beer industry is booming in most places and he would like to open the first in Paducah. He and Joey Dunlap want to open Paducah Beer Werks. He closed on the building last week and plans to have the roof replaced next week.

The roof is causing most of the major problems. It leaks in several places so buckets are strategically placed throughout the building. Other areas have puddles, but Blume can see past all of that. He would like to install a large bar to seat 20 to 25 people and have tables throughout the rest of the space for people to sit and sample their beer. He said the ticket booth and many of the bus station signs will stay.

"Everyone knows this is a bus station and I want to utilize that, but update it and make it look modern and clean," he said.

In the back, where employees used to sort luggage, the brewing equipment will be installed. Blume has already ordered it and is anxious to get it up and running. Working with Dunlap he plans to brew a handful of their own beers to serve year-round and incorporate some seasonal beers, too.

"We've got to find out what the taste is here, what people like and we will focus on that," he said.

The brewing equipment is ordered, the federal permits have been applied for, and the state paperwork is underway. Blume and Dunlap said if everything runs perfectly, they could open in October, but hope to be open at least by the end of the year.

They do have plans to have a booth at Barbecue on the River to hand out samples.

If you'd like to stay up on the progress of the building, Blume suggests you follow them on their Facebook page which can be found here.
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