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Boy shows strength of Superman at 'Superman Celebration'

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METROPOLIS, IL - It is the place you can walk around this weekend in tights and a cape and fit right in.  Metropolis, Illinois is once again hosting the 36th annual Superman Celebration.  Some lucky fans got the chance to check out an autograph session with Dean Cain and Billy Dee Williams this morning.

This is a moment the Murillo family has been waiting for, for years.  The Make A Wish foundation granted eight-year-old Benjamin Murillo with his wish to meet his super hero.

Benjamin Murillo is from Denver and suffers from cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures.  His mother, Nancy said he is truly shown the strength of superman.

"My sister in law came to the hospital with a blanket that she made, it was a superman. It dawned on me that my little boy is a superman," said Nancy.

Nancy said it was Benjamin's love for Superman that got him and their family through the tough times.
"He helps people kind of see things differently. I was told he has so much less than we all do but he's the happy. He knows what true happiness is. I think that's a great super power to have," said Nancy.

Superman festival coordinator Lisa Gower said this year's celebrity lineup and entertainment could draw a record number of people.
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