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What's Going Around - June 18th

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Summer means more families getting outside, and more getting into poison ivy.

Dr. Alison Ford at Murray Medical Associates is seeing poison ivy and folks suffering from sinus and chest congestion, body aches and joint pain. She reminds us to use insect repellant outdoors as mosquitoes and ticks are bad this season.

Dr. John Tveite at Marshall County Family Medical is seeing sinusitis, bronchitis and allergic dermatitis caused by poison ivy and other plants.

Dr. Daisy Benigno in Hickman, Kentucky reports sinusitis and upper respiratory infections

Dr. William Conyer at Baptist Health Prime Care in Paducah reports sinusitis, seasonal allergies and poison ivy.

Nurse Practitioner Lance Williamson at Paducah's Redicare says he's treating sore throats, swimmer's ear, and a variety of insect bites & stings.

Nurse Practitioner Lori Lipinski at the Calvert Clinic in Calvert City is treating spider bites, seasonal allergies, poison ivy and upper respiratory infections.

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