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Paducah Dance Project

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Pretending to be a ballerina is part of being a little girl. Maybe you remember begging your mom and dad for lessons, but because they can be expensive, you didn't get them.

That's still true today, but a local dance school wants to make sure that every local kid that wants to dance, gets the chance.

The special, beginner's class at Sassafras Dance in Paducah is called the Paducah Dance Project, and the little girls enrolled, are getting their dance lessons free.

April Thomas, co-owner of Sassafras Dance says, "We know how much things can cost and how the economy is, and we want everybody to learn how to dance. We're seeing a lot of little ladies having a good time and really excited about being in dance."

Thomas and Marci Paris started The Paducah Dance Project as a way to keep kids busy and active and to give something back to the community.

Paris says, "Growing up myself, my mother worked 3 jobs to put me through dance classes. I know it's hard for kids who want to dance and not have the opportunity. It's our way to allow those children to have the opportunity and be exposed to arts at the same time.

About 25 girls have signed up so far, and they are learning everything from hip-hop to jazz and ballet.

Lashanda Stills,  a nursing student at Murray State, says one day she'll be able to afford lessons for her daughter, but for now, she's thankful Sassafras is offering this unique opportunity. She says her daughter, Janiya, loves to dance and it's keeping her active this summer.

"With dance you do burn a lot of calories. You do become and active and it gives kids something to do besides sitting at home just watching TV"

Thomas and Paris say they are planning a dance recital to show off the girls' progress. That will be later this year, so stay tuned.

To find out more, look for Sassafras Dance on Facebook.
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