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Paducah Power lowers 'power cost adjustment' rate

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Ron Ward knows he has to pay for power.

"$276.94," Ward said about his recent power bill. He said it's almost too high for him to handle.

"Well, it's forced me to economize on my power bill," he said.

He's now making some cut-backs. He keeps his A/C turned off, preferring to cool off by fan.

 "All of us owners are expecting some good operation," he told Local 6.

Paducah Power General Manager Dave Clark says he understands the tough choices customers like Ward are making. He says the decision to decrease the power cost adjustment rate by 40% will help ease the sting of the hot summer.

"Our customers need relief and I'm pleased to see we're able to give them some relief now," said Clark.

The previous P-C-A was 3.57 cents per kilowatt hour.  It was lowered to 2.15 cents per kilowatt hour because Clark expects the Prairie State power plant, which provides power to Paducah Power, to increase its performance this year.

Clark said plant mechanical issues last fall forced power rates to increase and in May, a water tank overflowed in a unit.  "We feel we've got just about all the bugs worked out at the plant," Clark explained.
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