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Teenagers learn the ins and outs of police work

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PADUCAH - Do you know what it takes to solve a crime? The teens in the Paducah Police Department's Junior Citizens Police Academy do.

The one week program gives teens a hands on look at what officers learn in their 20 weeks at the Police Academy.

That includes conducting traffic stops and criminal investigations.

They even got to present cases to a mock judge and jury.

The junior detectives say it is serious business.

"You can't just go around touching everything that you see because every bit of that is evidence," said 17-year-old Tabbitha Taber.

"It's amazing to watch a 12-year-old, a 13-year-old, or an 18-year-old come in here and with 3 or 4 days be able to conduct an interview or get up in front of the class and explain the procedures or how to figure out that people are lying to them," said Officer Chris Bolton.

Officer Bolton went on to say it takes about 6 months to get the course ready.

They typically have 20 to 30 teens ages 13 to 18 participate in each session.

More on the academy and how to apply can be found here.

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