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Hundreds wait in heat for free food

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MURPHYSBORO, IL - What was set up to be the ultimate convenience, a drive-thru food bank, ended up being a morning of waiting in the hot and sticky sun. 

Hundreds of people, gridlocked into the American Legion parking lot in Murphysboro waited for a bag of free food. 

The Murphysboro Food Pantry advertised that the food would be handed out at 10:00 a.m., so people lined up as early as 7:00 a.m.. 

It was not until almost noon that the truck carrying all the food finally arrived. 

Murphysboro Food Pantry director Jane Williams says the need in the area is great. 

"Here in Jackson County, our statistics are worse than anywhere else in Illinois," said Williams. 

As the sun started to heat up and things got a little muggy, food bank directors handed out water. 

The truck was more than an hour and a half behind schedule. 

Despite the inconvenience, the attitude of the crowd was that of gratitude.  
"It's hot, but it's worth it. It's a good thing," said one man who had been waiting several hours.  
Finally, nearing the noon hour, the truck pulled in. 

Volunteers started the tedious unloading and bagging process.  

As promised, the cars pulled up and filled up.  
"This is just help that we needed, so we're glad that we got it," said another grateful Jackson County resident. 

The food was provided by the St. Louis Area Food Bank. 

These drive-thru food give-aways are done to ensure mass amounts of food do not expire before it is given to families in need.

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