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More movement, Old Ledbetter Bridge drops 1 ft

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - A neighbor told the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet of two distinct sounds coming from the Old Ledbetter Bridge, and the sensors placed on the bridge indicated significant movement early morning Friday.

The sensor indicated movement around 5:15 am.

A check of the bridge found that South Pier 2 had moved which caused a 1 foot drop in the approach span deck.

Inspectors say one of the support beams that sit on top of the pier on the upstream side is hanging on by just inches.

The decking on the 3 approach spans is still standing, but have dropped several feet since the movement along the bluff at the west end of the bridge since April 30th.

Engineers say the dry weather is expected to slow or stop the bluff movement, but today's drop indicate that there is still movement of soil at the base of the two approach piers on the McCracken County.

Officials still urge the public to avoid the areas along the bluff and the Tennessee River shoreline near the bridge.

This week, contractors started moving equipment this week to demolish the Old Ledbetter Bridge.
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