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Army Corps of Engineers begin building flap gate to prevent future flooding

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LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY - Gina Gilley remembers the spring 2010 floods well.

"This is trying to get the things out," she told us as she was looking through old pictures.

The waters from the Cumberland River forced her out of her Depot Road home for a month.  Each picture holds a memory she'd like to forget.

"It's not fond memories," she said with a smile.

Gilley, along with her neighbors, called on the Army Corps of Engineers to install a flap-gate in this pipe.  "We are happy to see this project get underway," said Mike Looney.  He's a program manager with the Army Corps of Engineers.  He said the floods of 2010 and 2011 highlighted the need for a flap-gate.

"We've had a couple if unusually high rain events that caused us to release a lot of water through the dame that unfortunately has caused some flooding," he said.

The gate will be controlled by water pressure - meaning, if there's too much water, it can close on its own.

"Sometimes it takes drastic measures to get drastic done," Gilley said.

Gilley is hopeful the Army Corps doesn't need to use the gate anytime soon, but if the waters rise again, she says she's comforted in knowing her home is protected.

"It's nice to know that there is something there that if this flooding happens again, it can be stopped," she said.

The project is scheduled to be completed by mid August. The Army Corps is spending $452,000 on the project.
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