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Hot cars dangerous for everyone, even pets

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McCRACKEN Co, Ky - Usually car rides are special treats for pets. It's an adventure for cats and dogs that normally don't get farther than their own back yards. But animal control officers are getting more call than usual, about animals locked inside cars, sitting in parking lots.

"It is not the time to take our dogs out for a ride if we will be exiting the vehicle and leaving the dog inside the vehicle," said Chryss George, McCracken County Animal Control Director. She said each officer is taking about 30 to 50 calls a day, most about animals in dangerously hot conditions.

She said she knows most owners don't leave pets in cars to be cruel, but many don't realize how quickly cars get unbearable.

"Dogs do not have sweat glands so of course they go through this a lot quicker than humans because they can’t sweat," she said, meaning they can get heat exhaustion or heat stroke more quickly than a human.

When she gets a call about an animal in a car she quickly assesses them to see if they are in distress.

"Glazed eyes, excessive panting, or the dog is obviously showing signs of distress by continually moving, trying to find that one cool spot," she said. If she sees that, she said she will use her authority to get the animal out and that can mean a hefty ticket for the owners.

"That citation can carry the weight of a misdemeanor, animal cruelty," George said.

She understands the desire to have pets out of the home, but she said when temperatures are as warm as they've been, it's better to leave animals where it's cool and they have access to water at all times.    

If you see an animal that's in a potentially dangerous situation, she says you should call animal control at 270-331-6417

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