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New anti-smoking campaign

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than half of people who have ever smoked have successfully quit.

The CDC is working to bring that statistics even higher with a new series of ad campaigns that will start airing next month.

Tim McAfee with the Centers for Disease Control says, "We talked to thousands of smokers and asked what could help you the most to be motivated to quit and to be successful quitting. They said the statistics just weren't enough, they needed something to help bring it to life."

The CDC is coming out with a series of ads featuring what it's calling 'Real Stories Told by Real People'. They feature true stories of people suffering with the consequences of smoking.

One of those is Amanda, a woman who got pregnant while in college. She was under a lot of stress and knew the dangers of smoking while pregnant, but never thought those dangers would happen to her or her baby.

She was wrong.

In the ad, Amanda says, "my daughter was born 2 months early. She spent a month in a neonatal care unit after an emergency c-section. She was unable to suck or swallow when she was born. That required her to have to be fed through a tube placed thru her nose and down her throat."

The feeding tube was uncomfortable for the baby. Amanda tells us because of this, the newborn was pulling the tube out of her nose. Doctors then had to tape the tube to the baby's face. But Amanda says the most emotionally painful part was, "I wasn't able to see my baby once she was born. A couple hours after she was born I was able to go and look at her, but I wasn't able to hold, touch or rock her."

Amanda has now quit smoking, but it definitely wasn't looking at numbers that led to that decision.

She says it was all the physical and emotional pain she experienced.

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