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Illinois youth pastor dies in crash

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A Marion youth pastor has died after the van he was traveling in was involved in a crash Tuesday evening.

28-year-old Christopher Williams was riding in a church van with five other passengers on Interstate 64 in Posey County, Indiana.

The van was traveling in the passing lane and was being followed by a semi-tractor trailer.

Posey County Sheriff's deputies believe it was then that the rear driver's side tire experienced a blow-out.

The blow-out caused the driver to lose control of the van, which then veered off into the normal driving lane, hit a guard rail, and ricocheted back into the path of the semi.

The semi hit the driver's side of the van and both the van and semi ended up in the median.

All six passengers in the van suffered injuries and were taken to local hospitals.

Williams was life-flighted to Deaconess Hospital where he died from his injuries.

There is no word on the condition of the other passengers. The driver of the semi was not injured.

The van was from the Livingstone Community Church in Marion, Illinois.

A pastor at the church confirms that Williams was a youth pastor there.

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