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National Corvette Museum may keep sinkhole

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The National Corvette Museum has seen a 59% increase in tourists this year compared to last due to the sinkhole that took 8 corvettes in February. Now board members have to decide what to do with that sinkhole.

The board want to leave a small portion of the sinkhole exposed. This option will provide a view down into a small part of the cave the sinkhole exposed.

Though many members liked the idea, they were worried about the cost and how humidity in the room would affected the cars on display.

The Museum plans to leave the sinkhole and corvettes on display through the end of August. Board members want to begin construction in September after the Museums 20th anniversary event.

“We have to look at creative ways to generate interest in the Museum,” said Executive Director Wendell Strode. “It would be so much easier to just be a regular automotive museum with our Corvettes on display, but we have to think outside the box.”

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