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Paducah Power GM: Lower rates on the horizon

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PADUCAH - Paducah Power's General Manager Dave Clark said he understands customers' frustration over higher bills, but says relief is on the way.

"It's taken a little longer than it should have but we feel we are on the cusp now of getting some good stable operation," Clark said.

Which has taken some time because the Prairie State Power Plant in southern Illinois has had some production hiccups. On separate occasions, both of the plant's power units had to be taken down for maintenance.

"I think it was a terrible business decision," said Goode.

Not everyone is sold on the promise of cheaper bills.  Ronnie Goode owns Cole lumber in Paducah.  His business uses Paducah Power.

"If our customers power bill cost $100 more a month, that's $100 they aren't going to spend on something else whether it'd be building a deck, eating at restaurants, whatever," Goode said.

Clark realizes people like Goode are holding his company's feet to the fire.  Goode's electric bill increased 32% from February 2013 to 2014.  Even still, Clark said cutting ties with the Tennessee Valley Authority was the right move.

"We feel we made the best choice then and I think it will show in the very near future.  It is the wise choice for us to make," Clark said.

Clark said Paducah Power wanted more stable rates, but with production problems and the brutal winter, Clark said those stable rates aren't leveling off fast enough.

"If Prairie State functions like we expect it to be, we're going to have very competitive rates," Goode said.

"To cover themselves, they are saying yeah, but we'll have a stable long-term power supply.  I've yet to turn on a light switch that hadn't come on," Goode said.

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