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What's Going Around: June 25th

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If you're heading outside for a long amount of time, doctors say don't forget the sunscreen.

Dr. Brian Harrison in Benton, Illinois says he's treating a lot of insect bites and sore throats. He says most of the sore throats are viral, but if you have a fever or severe rash it could be bacterial and need antibiotics.

Dr. Jennifer Rose from SIU Family Practice reports tick bites, spider bites, and UTI's.

Dr. Joshua Whitledge in Fulton, Kentucky reports sore throats and gastroenteritis.

Nurse Practitioner Rhonda Darnell at Marshall County Family Medical is seeing tick bites, poison ivy, upper respiratory infections, and swimmers ear.

Nurse Practitioner Lori Lipinski at the Calvert Clinic in Calvert City reports allergies, a stomach virus containing gastroenteritis, and sinusitis.

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