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Columbus Belmont State Park bluff collapse a draw for visitors

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HICKMAN COUNTY, KY - A landslide at Columbus Belmont State Park is drawing a crowd of new visitors.

The landslide has taken out about 75 feet of land from its farthest point out and it now 80 feet long.  There's concern more could collapse.

"I can remember the fence used to be a lot further out," said Clint Moon.

He used to get closer to view the Mississippi River, but the bluff collapse ate away some of that access.  "You can see some roots hanging out," he said.

Park Manager Cindy Lynch said the bluff began showing signs of movement 15 years ago and a month ago she started seeing cracks in the dirt.  Last week a 50 foot section finally fell about 160 feet into the river.

"It just started progressing, getting a little bigger, little bigger," Lynch told Local 6.

Since last week, Lynch said smaller portions of the bluff caved in.  She expects another five feet will probably wash off with another strong rainfall.

"You have water up and down all the time," Moon said.  He thinks this past winter, the heavy rains we saw these past two months and river erosion are all to blame.  Lynch said the collapse is a draw for locals who have come to take a peek.

"This park is everybody's backyard. Everybody wants to see what's happening," Mood said.

The Army Corps Of Engineers will pay a visit to the bluff week to see if they can find any solution to stabilize the bluff.
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