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What the Tech: Protecting our homes

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PADUCAH, Ky - You password-lock your accounts and lock your door, so why are thieves still getting your stuff?

It may be all about 'what' you're posting on social media that's putting you at risk.

The FBI says more home burglaries happen during the summer than any other time of year, and part of the reason is there are more empty houses with people on vacation.

We may be making it easier for burglars to ransack our home through social media.

Scott Augenbaum is an FBI Special Agent and he says a lot of that information can be accessed by bad guys, "the problem is we're sharing way too much information about ourselves."

Augenbaum says, "most consumers or individuals would never put a sign outside our house saying 'I'm on vacation, please rob me'. However, they are telling the entire world on Facebook."

The natural reaction to that is that none of our friends are crooks. They'd never break into our house, but those friends have friends who have friends and somewhere down that line might be someone near you looking for a house to break into.

Facebook even admits that there are a lot of compromises going on Facebook accounts, so that means individuals who have access to your information, their accounts could be taken over.

If you've posted your address to Facebook, you're making it even easier for the bad guys. They're using Google Streetmaps, which not only show where your neighbors live, but what your house looks like from the street.

The FBI says it's best to wait until you get home to share those photos at the beach. Or when you go on vacation, take a vacation from social media.

The FBI also said it estimates about 75 percent of the crooks they've talked to think that that other burglars are using Facebook as well.

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