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Alabama man arrested in Missouri after allegedly causing a disturbance

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An Alabama man has been arrested after he allegedly tried to punch a Scott County Sheriff's Deputy.

Sheriff Rich Walter says just after 3:00 a.m. on Monday, his office was asked to help the Miner Police Department with a disturbance at a local business.

In front of the business, wearing no shirt or shoes, was 29-year-old Channon Lowery of Millbrook, Alabama.

Sheriff Walter says Lowery was yelling and cursing in front of the business.

The deputy who responded asked Lowery to step in front of his patrol car so he could speak to him. Lowery continued to yell and curse, and instead walked over to the deputy.

Lowery got within arms reach of the deputy and the deputy extended an arm in front of him to create a gap. That's when Sheriff Walter says Lowery attempted to punch the deputy and then tried to run away.

The deputy used his taser and Lowery was arrested. He was sent to Scott County Jail where he remains on $2,500 cash only bond.

Lowery is charged with Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest.

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