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Woman saves grandson's life after nearly drowning

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GRAVES COUNTY, KY - It can happen in as little as 20 seconds, even in water that is only inches deep.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death with children ages one to 14.  Today, a three-year-old boy is home from the hospital after he nearly drowned in a pool at his sister's birthday party in Graves County.   

His grandma, Rhonda Bowman gave him CPR until first responders arrived.

"He was completely blue. From head to toe, he was blue," said Bowman

It is a memory no one want to re-live.

"I don't think I've quite seen that before and I hope I never see it again," said Bowman.

After a long night in the hospital three-year-old Wally Patterson's family members consider him a walking miracle. A fun day of swimming at his sister's birthday party turned devastating when family members found Wally at the bottom of the pool.

"He was totally lifeless, there was no pulse, there was nothing. I just did the CPR, that's what I was trained for," said Bowman.

Bowman said minutes felt like hours, but she performed CPR on Wally until first responders arrived.

"It was the best look I've ever seen when I started seeing color come back to him," said Bowman.

She said Wally's story is driven by faith.

"I've teared up all day. I know God is bigger than me. If he had to go through me, than that's what he had to do," said Bowman.

Bowman wants to encourage others to learn CPR.

"You're never too young. Do what's right. If you can help someone live, someone between life and death, do it," said Bowman.

She said you will never know when you will have to save a life.

Bowman renewed her certification last year.  She said young or old, everyone should get certified.

In an emergency, the first thing you can do is get help.  Remove the person from the water and check to see if they are breathing.  Then check their pulse, if there is not a pulse, start CPR immediately.  If you would like to learn CPR, click here.
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