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SIU turning trash into campus treasure

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CARBONDALE, IL - Think of how much trash your family produces in one week and multiply it by a few thousand and you quickly understand that Southern Illinois University has tons of trash on its hands. 

At Southern Illinois University they are literally turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure at least that is the hope.

"We're taking materials out of the waste stream and putting them to good use,” said SIU Interim Farm Operations Director Myron Albers

SIU’s new one of a kind composting facility will keep about 90 tons of waste out of local landfills every year, helping the environment and potentially the university’s bottom line.

"We're looking for the means to make a good viable product out of it and one of the things that’s in high demand in the marketplace today is compost,” said Albers.  “The long term goal is to bag some and sell it."

While most of the compost will be spread in flower beds around campus school, sustainability coordinator Kris Schachel says its value lies in the knowledge it gives back to the community.

"Not only does it offer us a great opportunity for cost savings and instruction on what people can do to live more sustainably, but it also helps us set an example for the surrounding community and show some leadership," said Kris Schachel.

The SIU Composting Center will open later this summer, and hopes to be turning out compost for the rest of the community by the end of August.

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