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Mental health non-profit under new name

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You or someone you know may have struggled with mental health issues. Now, help may be easier to find.

The H Group, a mental health non-profit, is merging with a national recognized agency called Centerstone.

CEO John Markley says Centerstone is the largest behavioral health research institute in the nation.

"We'll be able to measure, in terms of analytics, our outcomes and see how effective approaches of certain types of services will be," said Centerstone CEO, John Markley.

Centerstone already serves thousands each year. With the new services, those number are expected to grow.

"The outreach is just going to be so broad," said Markley.

Markley says his mission is to build better tomorrows.

"It started with that passion to continue to make a difference in our community," said Markley.

The H Group in Paducah is now Cornerstone as well.

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