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Mid-Continent University board member voted out by other members

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The Mid-Continent trustees have taken action against one of their own.

Monday night, Gale Hawkins was almost unanimously voted off of the board. Chairman Tom Butler told Local 6 it was because Hawkins "violated written and approved board policy."

Hawkins walked out of the Board of Trustees meeting early and alone. An hour in, he was voted out. He says the truth as he sees it is clear.

"The trustees just managed to kill a business with a $22 million annual budget," said Gale Hawkins.

He said it was the board's job to protect the school and the students, but they failed.

"This was a trustee issue," said Hawkins. "The Imhoff's were hired by the trustees. Tom Butler went to extreme effort to keep information from us."

Hawkins added that the entire board was not responsible for running the school. The reality is, according to Hawkins, that the Executive Committee, which is made up of Butler and four to six other members, made all of the real decisions.

It wasn't long after Hawkins made that statement that the entire board walked out of the meeting together. Chairman Tom Butler gave his statement about Hawkins and then Local 6 asked if he also felt the board was to blame for the school's collapse.

"I don't have any response to that," said Butler.

When asked if he kept information from the board, Butler said, "I did not." 

Butler and the board members walked away, but Hawkins stayed on campus for a little while longer. He said even though he does not have access to the changing information the board has as a non-member, he will keep trying to help the students.

"There is a lot of guilt among the trustees," said Hawkins. "Including myself, we wish we would have found out things, more things."

Dr. Walden was not at Monday night's meeting and was not around afterwards either. Butler told Local 6 he could not comment for Walden about the relationship with the Kentucky Attorney General. 

Butler said there is another board meeting scheduled, but he's not sure when it is.

Hawkins stayed around to give an interview. You can watch that interview by clicking here.

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