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New law allows victims to get concealed carry permit faster

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PADUCAH - You or someone you know may have experienced domestic violence.  Domestic violence victims in Kentucky will soon be allowed quick access to concealed-carry gun permits. 

From the time they file, it could only take 24 hours to obtain a concealed carry permit. The same regulations are in place: you must be 21 or older, live in Kentucky, and you cannot be a convicted felon.

If you are a domestic violence victim and you have been granted an emergency protective order, you can get your CCW in about 24 hours instead of waiting 90 days.

We were asked to hide this woman's identity, out of fear, as she begins to share her story about being abused.

"He literally attempted to kill me on three different occasions and on two of them almost succeeded. I would wake up many nights with him standing over me with a butcher knife."

A history of abuse that unravels over the course of four terrifying decades.

"After I had my second child, he did severe injuries to me. He started raping me within five days of having her."

She now finds strength through her service dog, Lily, and protection through her CCW which will now allow her to carry a firearm at all times.

"It's one thing when I'm in here and I can have a pistol sitting there, but when I'm out there I have to have a way to protect myself."

McCracken County Captain Matt Carter said that is the point of this law, but said putting a gun in the hands of victims, may not be the answer.

"Having a gun and no training to go along with that. I think could be more of a harm than a help," said Carter.

Captain Carter said you should be able to apply electronically through the Kentucky State police website.
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