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Local family recounts experience volunteering overseas

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How far would you go for a life-changing experience? For a local family, the answer is 8,000 miles, from Paducah, Kentucky to Bugiri, Uganda.

The Hensel family is back home after spending the past seven months working with "Beyond Uganda." It's a program that helps women and children access education and medicine.

When they left, the family of four could only take what would fit in four plastic bins.

"I think a lot of people just thought, we're some crazy kids and on a whim we decided to do this, but there was a lot of thought and prayer that went into this," said Emily Hensel.

A decision and commitment to spend a year working in Uganda, helping heal sick children like Miriam.

"She was being raised by her elderly grandmother who didn't have any means of taking care of her," said Emily. "I didn't do much medical work with her, I just loved her, and it worked."

It's an experience that changed the Hensel family, who had to learn how to live with a lot less.

"Sure you need water, but it doesn't have to come out of the faucet in your bedroom. These things are not essential to life," said Travis. "Us as a family, that's essential to our lives."

The Hensel's have an online blog documenting their time overseas. You can read it here. You can also learn more about "Beyond Uganda" here.

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