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New S.O.D.A POP Activity Center Helps Those With Special Needs

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Soda pop is not the just the name of a tasty drink.  It stands for Society Of Differently-Abled POPulations.  It was founded by mothers of children with special needs.

"It's an extra curricular activities center that welcomes all abilities, and that's the beauty of it," said the center's director, Debbie Gadlage.

Gadlage is not only the director of the activity center, but she is the mother of a special needs adult, Amanda.  She started the S.O.D.A POP Activity center to bridge the gap between school and summer break or for those adults that have aged out of school.  For Beverly Lovett, it's something her granddaughter, Abby, looks forward to.

"During the summer, they're not swimming.  They're not going out and about.  They really need to have this interaction with their peers," said Lovett.

S.O.D.A POP Activity Center is a place where kids and adults with special needs can go to learn, have fun and stay in their routine.

"The content and the curriculum might change.  It's basically in the same order, but knowing what comes next is so essential for our participants," said Gadlage.

Whether it be coloring, playing kickball or learning about weather, the students stay active and are with friends.

"We want to make this a center to go to, and we want to make it fun.  It's not about one person it's about the community," said Gadlage.

S.O.D.A POP is a tuition based activity center, and not a day care.  They are always looking for volunteers.  If you would like more information you may go to their page on Facebook.

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