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Final steps underway to help bring Corey Gentry home

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MAYFIELD, Ky -  Corey returns home today, but the family is still lacking in some supplies.The family is requesting help with the following items:

Diapers – Size 6 in children, Size Medium in Adult
Hand Sanitizer
Liquid Fish Oil
Bed Pads
Sippy Cups w/ flexible straw
Thickened Orange Juice / Apple Juice

You can donate any of the above items to the Re-Bath in Paducah located at 2780 New Holt Road. Additionally, you can help by going through their gofundme website.

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A local Mayfield teen is one step closer to coming home after spending six months in a Louisville hospital.  Police arrested 33-year-old Tabitha Wheeler on several charges including driving under the influence after she crashed the car with four passengers inside back in January.

Then 15-year-old Corey Gentry and three other passengers were all taken to Vanderbilt Hospital in critical condition.  Family and friends are making the final preparations to bring him home.

A fresh coat of paint for a fresh start at life. Nathan Dudley said it is just a small gesture in welcoming his cousin, Corey Gentry, home.

"It's one thing that I can do, it doesn't take long and hopefully make a big difference. You can even ask him yourself, he'll give you the thumbs up that he's ready to come home. We are ready to have him," said Dudley.

Gentry has spent six months in the hospital trying to recover from a car crash that left him unable to walk and talk.

Corey's sister Brooklynn said he is making small steps toward recovery.  At their home volunteers are taking even bigger steps in making sure Corey deserves a happy homecoming.

"It will be more than amazing to know that Corey's home and he'll be here with us and he will be okay. I'm excited, he'll be home and we will all be together again," said Brooklynn.

It is a wish, Gentry said she never thought would come true.

"Just everything has been brightened. Everything is starting to look up," said Brooklynn.

Brooklynn said the house is about 75 percent complete.  One of the big obstacles is the bathroom.  It is not wheelchair accessible. After seeing our coverage, Re-bath of the Four Rivers' president Geoff Droke decided his company would pay it forward.
"It really hit me deep so if it was my kid, I don't know what I'd do. Everybody has really been awesome and we are still trying to raise money. We are going to start by widening the door, make it more wheelchair accessible.  It is on my mind all the time, I'm just trying to find ways to help these guys and help Corey come home," said Droke.

Droke said construction on the bathroom starts this Thursday and should be completed by the following Monday.  Corey is expected to come home on Wednesday.

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