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Family sues local city over son's death

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Grieving parents are still waiting for answers six months after their son's death.

19-year-old Pravin Varughese disappeared in February. It took 5 days for police to find his body in the woods off Route 13 in Carbondale.

An autopsy determined he died from hypothermia and his death was ruled an accident. His parents are sure someone is lying.

The Varughese family is tired of waiting. They say the Carbondale police are not responding to their calls, so they're taking matters into their own hands.

Lovely Varughese says the last six months of her life have been very tough. She wants to know exactly why her son is dead.

"I don't want to wait 20, 25 years for an answer for my son. I want to be able to sleep at night," said Lovely.

She's been advised by her lawyer that a lawsuit is the only way to speed up the investigation. She says she won't stop pushing investigators until all of her questions are answered.

Local 6 also reached out to the Varughese's family lawyer, Charles Stegmeyer. He says the wrongful death suit will be filed soon, against the chief of police in Carbondale, the city of Carbondale, and the driver of the car Pravin was in the night he died.

The attorney is choosing to include the city of Carbondale in the suit because it's the city that employees the chief of police. Local 6 reached out to the Carbondale Police Department but have not gotten any response.

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