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Western Kentucky pulls for more political attention

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HICKMAN, KY - No one likes to feel like they're being ignored, yet a lot of people in far Western Kentucky feel that way when it comes to politics. 

Jason Batts, formed the Jackson Purchase Republicans to address that concern specifically, and also he said, to give Republicans in the area a place to feel like they belong. The JPR hosted it's first Picnic and Politics in the Park Monday night and Batts told Local 6 he would consider it a success.

"We're the farthest you can be from Frankfort and D.C. and still be in the state of Kentucky so a lot of people feel like their voice isn't being heard in either place," he said. 

Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner James Comer was the Keynote Speaker and a list of other republicans came to participate. Those listed were: State Representatives Steven Rudy, Richard Heath, and Kenny Imes, State Representative Candidates, Danny Carroll, Randy Bridges, and Keith Travis, and Christina Peterson, a representative from Senator Ran Paul's Office.

Batts said he thinks more voters are registered Democrats in his area, but relate more to republican ideals. The other mission of the group is to help people who feel that way, to switch their voter registration. His hope is the organization and the event will stick around and become an annual event. 

"Across the country I think more and more people that aren't usually viewed as being politically active are finding themselves more drawn to having a political opinion on something," he said. 


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