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Nine meth arrests in McCracken County

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MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - Nine people were arrested on meth charges over the past couple of days.

McCracken County Sheriff's Department had been investigating the source of 1/2 pound of Methamphetamine. 

The first arrests were July 30 at 8 PM where deputies pulled over a car in Lone Oak for traffic violations. In Betty Rogers and Eric McDowell's car, deputies found methamphetamine and scales. The two were arrested and lodged in the McCracken County Jail.

Later that evening at 8:47 PM, detectives pulled over William Cathey on Blandville Road. During the stop, Cathey dropped meth on the ground and tried to hide it. Deputies then arrested him. 

Detectives then obtained search warrants for two different McCracken County homes. The warrants were served early morning July 31 at 4239 Forest Avenue and William Cathey's home at 228 Highland Church Road in McCracken County. 

Samuel LeFebre was arrested at his Forest Avenue home where detectives located meth, marijuana, digital scales, and cash during their search.

David Frensley and Megan Parkins were arrested during detectives' search of Cathey's Highland Church Road home. Parkins tried to hide methamphetamine behind the TV when detectives entered the home. Methamphetamine packaged for sale, scales, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia were also seized from the home. 

During the search, Frensley's cell phone began receiving messages from Jeri McKenzie and Anthony McIntosh who both wanted to buy meth. Detectives continued the text message conversation with the couple, agreeing to the sale. They both arrived at the home shortly after and were both arrested.

After further investigation, detectives identified a Hispanic male as the source of the methamphetamine supply. The man lived in Tennessee, but would drive to the area to sell large volumes of meth. Several law enforcement agencies worked together to arrest Mauricio Ramirez of Union City. He was arrested by Kentucky State Police.

In total, 280 grams of methamphetamine were seized during the multiple investigations. Street value for a ram of meth normally runs about $100 a gram in Western Kentucky. This is a total of $28,000 street value's worth of methamphetamine. 

The charges are as of follows per the news release:

Betty Rogers 42, of Salem KY
Charges: Traffic infractions, Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia

Eric McDowell 33, of Smithland
Charges: Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia

William “Brian” Cathey 44, of Highland Church Road Paducah
Charges: Traffic infractions, Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Tampering with Physical evidence

Samuel M. Lefevre 37, of Forest Avenue Paducah
Charges: Possession of Methamphetamine, possession of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia

David E. Frensley 45, of Highland Church Road
Charges: Trafficking in Methamphetamine, possession of Marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia

Megan M. Parkins 28, of Metropolis IL
Charges: Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Paraphernalia and Tampering with physical evidence

Anthony J. McIntosh 26, of North Friendship Road Paducah
Charges: Solicitation to possession of Methamphetamine

Jeri V. McKenzie 24, of North Friendship Road Paducah
Charges: Solicitation to possession of Methamphetamine

Mauricio Ramirez 22, of Union City, Tennessee
Trafficking Methamphetamine

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