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Sisters talk about time spent in Uganda

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PADUCAH - Pulling children out of poverty and giving them the chance for a better life. That's the goal of a Paducah-based non-profit group called "Beyond Uganda."

"Their hearts are just so amazing. So pure," said Maddie Morris. "They love life like no other. They have nothing, but they love life. It was just awesome to see that. We got to see the ugly, we got to see the great and awesome and everything in between."

"It was definitely culture shock seeing the day to day things these people do," said Meredith Morris.

What started as shock, turned into a life-changing experience for the Morris sister. Building relationships with the Ugandans was really the first step of the trip. From there, it was helping them gather clean water, applying basic first aid, and even teaching women how to start their own business.

But they never knew what any given day would bring.

"We could have a plan then get a phone call that someone is dying and asking us to come pray over them," said Meredith.

As they took part in those experiences, the Morris' say they earned the people's trust.

"Most people are grateful and humbled, the level of gratitude was unbelievable," said Maddie.

"They offer everything they had," said Meredith. "I can't tell you how many times we got offered a chicken, a chicken is such a delicacy in Uganda."

Meredith says she plans to go back because of those relationships she built.

"We got super close to these kids, a piece of my heart is still there. I consider Uganda home," said Meredith.

To learn more about Beyond Uganda, click here.

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