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Honeywell, USW Local 7-669 no closer to deal as deadline nears

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We're just hours away from the labor contract between Honeywell and the United Steel Workers Local 7-669 expiring, but it appears we're no closer to a deal.

Many of you remember the 2010 Honeywell lockout that lasted 14 months, pitting friends and family against one another.

That's because replacement workers were brought in, and some union employees crossed the picket line in an attempt to pay the bills.

When a deal was finally reached in 2011 both sides came out saying they were stronger than ever before.

Now their strength is being put to the test as less than 6 hours remain on that deal and only 2 of 23 negotiation points agreed upon.

Despite the dimming prospects there is still hope a deal can be reached before the clock strikes midnight.

"You have to find some common ground, and you have to give a little, and take a little," said Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel. "It's kind of like a really good marriage."

A marriage that Honeywell and the United Steel Workers have been trying to work out for two weeks with no change according to union spokesman John Paul Smith.

"Right now the company gave us what they're calling a last best and final proposal but that proposal isn't going to be acceptable to us," said USW Local 7-669 spokesman John Paul Smith.

Earlier this week Honeywell began busing in all non-union employees to work. In response the union has put up these tents along what could soon become a picket line.

"A strike is always a last resort," said Smith. "I think a lockout should be a last resort for the company, but we can't tell them what to do. Our intention is not to have a labor dispute our intention is to get an agreement."

"I just hope that they can find enough common ground that we don't have what we had three years ago," said McDaniel.

Honeywell and the United Steel Workers are meeting as we speak at a hotel in Paducah in an attempt to hammer out a deal before the midnight deadline.

We will have more on this developing story tonight at 10.

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